Custom Travel Threat Assessment Reports


Taking a family vacation to another country?  Maybe a business trip to another city?  Driving cross-country on a relocation move?  What are the threats in your destination?  What are the "bad" parts of town?  Is there a current terror threat?  Who can you contact for help while you are there?  

You need a Travel Threat Assessment Report prepared by a retired police officer and former DoD Anti-Terrorism Officer II who has traveled extensively including five months in the Middle East.  Your customized report will outline terrorism and crime threats in your destination(s), local best practices for your safety, and provide local contact information for public safety resources should you have any problems during your trip.


Prices range from $100 for a basic report for one destination and 30 days notice to over $500 for a complex report covering multiple destinations and a packed itinerary with short notice.

Whether the overseas family trip of a lifetime, a business trip to the other side of the country, or a romantic weekend getaway, you need this report to provide you with the greatest contributors to travel safety: INFORMATION and SITUATIONAL AWARENESS.

House of Worship Security


Terrorism, domestic violence, deranged killers, hate crimes... all of these have impacted houses of worship for all religions and denominations in recent years.  

We will evaluate and help you improve or develop a comprehensive security program scaled to meet your needs and risks.  We offer training, seminars, and plan development.  

Whether a suburban mega-church with thousands of parishioners; a large, urban temple with a couple hundred members,  or a small country chapel with just a couple of dozen, the Shepherd has a responsibility to protect the Flock.  

Let us help with experience and expertise.

Available in Central and Tidewater Virginia

Active Shooter Response Programs

It is in the news every day... mass violence in the work place, school killings, active shooters in shopping or recreation areas, armed attacks on houses of worship.  How can you and your family or businesses associates prepare for such attacks?

"Lockdown," hiding under a desk or in a small closet is not protection.  Run-Hide-Fight is better, but beyond watching a short video, there is not much in the way of training.

We can help you develop a proprietary, acronym-based response protocol and associated training curriculum.  We can also provide options-based programming and training to your organization.

Options-based programming doesn't tell you what to do. It teaches you to base your response on what you know of the threat at that particular time and place.  It offers options and teaches how to utilize them.

Our Active Shooter Response Protocol can be used anywhere: at work, shopping, at a show, in church, or just being anywhere in a crowd.  Let us bring our decades of experience to train your organization or group and help you become prepared for for what we hope and pray never happens.

Available in Central and Tidewater Virginia 

Presentations and Seminars

  • Avoid the X - Situational Awareness and Personal Security
  • Warrior Mindset for the Armed Citizen
  • Beyond Run-Hide-Fight Active Shooter Response Protocol - An Overview
  • Warrior Mindset for Armed Security Officers
  • Marketing the Warrior Mindset for Contract Security Accounts

These presentations can be scaled and targeted to your specific needs and interests. Perfect for staff professional development, civic groups, shooting clubs, and as breakout or keynote sessions at your industry or business conference.

Books & Writing

I'm a published author and experienced technical writer.  I have been featured in magazines such as Security Management, Soldier of Fortune, American Survival Guide, and Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement.  I was a contributing author to The Handbook for School Safety & Security

I am currently working on three books:

  • Beyond Run-Hide-Fight Active Shooter Response Protocol Guidebook
  • Born Again Hard: From 50 and Fat to Warrior Fit
  • Avoid the X: A Citizen's Guide to Situational Awareness and Personal Security

I am available for contract work as a technical writer, safety and security curriculum development, or to review and edit your crisis and emergency management plans.